DIY Farmhouse Scrabble Wall Art Decorating Ideas


Wall art is always a welcomed addition to nay house. It fills the missing gap and it completes the look of a room. Among so many wall arts, the farmhouse scrabble wall art is an interesting option to consider. It has the homey look not to mention it is simple enough so you can DIY it. Check out the following ideas for inspiration.

  • Family Members Name

This is a perfect idea for your hallway wall or your living room vacant wall. It mentions the entire family members and it makes a harmonious and welcoming touch into the house. The scrabble setting displays how each member of the family is connected to each other. It is more than just decorative. It is meaningful too.

  • The House Embraced Values

This wall art has only three words, home, family, and love. However, those are the most fundamental things a house can have. It displays the value this house holds dear and it somehow makes a warm looking décor for the house. It looks simple and easy to set but the words mentioned make the most of the richness.

  • The Room Function

This is how this kind of wall art can be matched to every room need. This example is a scrabble wall art for supposedly a kid play room or bedroom. It spells “play” which is cute, decorative, and educational at the same time. It doesn’t only complete the decoration. It actually helps in defining the room at the same time.

  • Seasonal Hint

You can have a different set for each season if you want to with this kind of scrabble wall art. It spells “fall’ which probably is a match for an entire decoration in the house. It explains the house mood and it becomes a reminder of the season and what we should expect on the season as well.

  • Combination of All

Look at this wall art. This is a combination of almost all things the family likes a lot. The pure scrabble art only features three words here including home, friend, and love. Yet it makes perfect combination to the other wall art, making it the most interesting looking wall ever.

Farmhouse style features simplicity and rugged look with a lot of wooden details on its design. These wall arts are perfect examples for farmhouse style. Meanwhile, the scrabble wall art idea is brilliant and highly decorative. You should try to DIY it and add it on your house walls.


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