DIY Hallway Sign


The idea of attaching hallway signs is brilliant actually. While it prevents you and your guests from entering the wrong room, it also adds decoration in the room. As it is simple enough to make, it is better to DIY the signs instead of buying it from anywhere. It guarantees you have customized look as well. Take a look at the following tutorial to learn how to make it.

Materials and Supplies

  • 3 wooden plaques, you can get from Walmart
  • 3 plants brackets, you can find them on plants section
  • 3 cup hooks, if you want to add more than one hook on each plaque, buy double
  • Rub on letters or vinyl words

The Making Steps


First, clean the wooden plaque and make sure it is clean enough for a refinishing touch. Take the cup hook and place it on the center top side of the plaque. If you want to use 2 hooks in a plaque, you can place them on the right and left of the top side. Consider the gap with the bracket and dimension for balance. The process can be a little challenging at first but using hammer and screw driver often helps in fastening the process. Make sure the wood is tough enough before you add the cup hooks. Repeat the same technique for the other plaques. Make sure the position of the hook is right so your plaque hangs right under the bracket, not crooked of touching the bracket.


Now, let’s refinish the wooden plaque. Instead of leaving it plain, let’s add some vintage touch on the plaque. This project uses plain creamy color paint for the base. Apply the paint on the entire surface of the plaque and add dark brown finish on the edge. Add some more cream at the center. This time, lightly spray the paint for a more natural look. Let the wooden plaque dry for a while. When it is dry enough, give it a little sand.


Set aside the plaque and prepare the letters. You can cut using Cricut to make vinyl words in any color you like. In alternative, you can also use rub on letters which will be practical as well. If you want something special, print a pattern on a thicker paper and cut them. Use special glue for wooden material and carefully attach the letters on both sides of the plaque so you can read it from both directions. It is recommended to draw and mark the position first so the letters get to the center. Last, attach the brackets to the wall and hang the plaques. Now, you won’ t get into the wrong room.


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