DIY Hammock Chair for Bedroom Décor


Do you love reading and want to have a quiet space? Why don’t you install a hammock chair in your bedroom? The hammock will also boost your creativity and make your room look cozy. Whenever you want to have an alone time, you can sit in this hammock and read your favorite book without worry of falling.

Materials and Tools

  • 3/16″ stainless steel quick link
  • 80mm stainless steel spring snap link
  • 3/8”x16′ braided polypropylene
  • One ¼”x3′ oak dowel
  • plain canvas about two yards long
  • paint brush
  • fabric paint in black
  • sewing machine
  • iron and ironing board
  • drill
  • 3/8″ drill bit
  • ruler
  • shears
  • lighter

The Steps

  • Fold the canvas fabric in half and place it on the floor or table. Make sure the fold facing the left. Measure and mark about 7” from that top corner on the right. Draw a line from that spot to the bottom edge of the right side using your ruler. Cut it through and then open the fold.

  • Measure the top edge of the canvas ½”, fold it down, and iron it. Fold it again ½” and iron it. Stich the fold and repeat the same steps on the bottom edge.

  • Flip it to the left. Make the pockets on the canvas. Next, fold both of the corners in 1 ½” and iron it. Fold the top edge about ½” and iron it.

  • Fold the top edge 1 ½” and iron it.

  • On the bottom of the folded edge, stitch two lines. Strengthen the starting and end points by stitching it back. Do the same steps on the other edge.

  • Measure and mark the oak dowels 2” and 4” from each end. Drill a hole on each mark. Sand the dowel’s edge. Staining is optional.

  • Lay the canvas upon a cardboard. Draw the pattern you love on one of the sides. Wait until the paint is dry. You may also paint on the opposite side.

  • Measure 16’ from one end of the rope, make a knot at that point. Make sure you have a 3” tail. Move the rope through the pockets. After that, knot the rope. Make sure you have a 3” tail. Adjust the rope to make the sides even. Tighten the knots.

  • Tie a knot with an 8” up to 10” room above the equilibrium of the rope on the dowel. Install the spring link. Then, attach the quick link. Screw a hook into the ceiling and hang the hammock on it. Check whether the hammock is evenly placed.

It’s very easy, right? You can make the hammock very quickly and you can enjoy your free time reading a book on it. Don’t worry about falling, the hammock is able to support up to 200 lbs. Besides giving you an enjoyable private time, this hammock also gives the room a unique and comfy atmosphere.


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