DIY Modern Farmhouse Console Table


Do you want to get a new console table? Whether you want to use it to save the TV equipment or your children’s toys, you have come to the right page! We would love to give you some tips on how to build your own console table.


Before we explain the materials and steps, here is the overall dimension of the console table that we would use as an example. Feel free to adjust it according to your need.


  • Two ¾” x 48″ x 96” plywood
  • One ¼” x 48″ x 96” plywood
  • One ½” x 24″ x 48” MDF
  • One ½” x 24″ x 24” MDF
  • One 1” x 4” x 8’ pine board
  • One 1” x 4” x 6’ pine board
  • One 1” x 3” x 6’ pine board
  • Two 1” x 2” x 6’ pine board
  • Six ¼” x 3” x 48″ pine board
  • 1-¼” pocket screws
  • 1-¼” brad nails
  • ½” brad nails
  • ¾” staples
  • Wood glue
  • Four hinges
  • Four door pulls


  • The first thing you must do is assembling the box of the piece. Use your Kreg pocket-hole jig to drill 3/4″ pocket holes and 1.25″ pocket-hole screws.

  • Next, using wood glue and 1.25″ pocket-hole screws, line up the middle shelf and base shelf.

  • Check whether the bottom shelf has been lined up properly from the base of the side and middle pieces.

  • After you assemble the base, you can build the front face frame of the console table. It is built using 1x boards. Next, you should connect everything using wood glue and 1.25″ pocket-hole screws.

  • Then, using wood glue and 1.25″ pocket-hole screws, attach the face frame to the box of the console table.

  • Check the table top side which shows the exposed hardwood plywood. You may fill yours with wood putty and sand it down before painting or staining it to give the table a smooth finish.

  • Attach the 1/4″ hardwood plywood, which cut to fit behind the cabinet portion, to the back of the console. Make sure to keep the top open in order to allow cords to be run behind the piece.  You can attach the back using 1″ staples.

  • The next step is the doors. The decorations on the doors are created using panels which have been cut to size and trimmed in small wood pieces. To attach the door trim, use 1/2″ brad nails and glue. Next, fill all nail holes and painted the entire table. In the example, we use Urbane Bronze by Sherwin-Williams.

  • After the paint has dried completely, add the hardware. The table is done!

See? Building this console table is indeed very easy, right? You may adjust the size according to your need and space of the room. You can also play around with other colors and modify the hardware. The console table will suit your style and make your room look amazing!


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