DIY Pallet Table


Making a DIY Pallet Table is easy. You do not need to spend much money on buying one. If you can do it yourself while saving your cash for more important matters, why don’t you do it? Furthermore, what if you can do it for under $10? Yes, you can make a beautiful pallet table for under $10!


  • Some pallet wood
  • Six of three-feet tall 2×2 Douglas Fir posts:
  • Use four of them for the legs, one for the shelf, and the other one for a backup
  • Wood screws
  • Hand sander
  • Minwax Provential stain


  • Prepare the legs and the pallet woods. Then, pull apart the pallet. After that, cut the pallet wood according to the length of your desired table. In our case, we cut the wood to 20 ½ inches long. Next, using your basic wood screws, screw the pallet boards to the legs.

  • After attaching the pallet boards to the legs, you can make the table top by putting the additional the pallet boards. Before that though, cut the pallet boards to 8 ½ inches long. You may drill holes on these boards to prevent the pallet wood from splitting while you turn the screws. Secure each board with two to four screws. Well, it’s all up to you. We do think that using four screws is a bit overkill.

  • Since you save an extra leg, you can use it to make a bottom shelf. In order to do that, you just need to cut the table in half. Screws both parts to the legs and then add some pallet wood on them.

  • Do you worry about the legs? Don’t be! After screwing the pallet boards to the bottom shelf, they will straighten perfectly. For the bottom shelf, you need to cut the boards to the same length as the top ones—8 ½ inches. Plus, attach these boards using the same method you use for the table top.

  • Put the table on the spot you want to place it and check how it looks! You can enhance its appearance later!

  • Then, take it outside and refine the surfaces using the hand sander. After that, coat them using the Minwax Provential Voila! Look at that new pallet table!

Not only does the table is easy to create, but it also does not need much money. Using no more than $10, you can make a beautiful table to decorate the corner of your kitchen. You can also put some jars, vase, and succulent to enhance its beauty? What are you waiting for? Go on a pallet hunt!


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