DIY Rustic Modern King Bed


Would you like to build your own rustic king bed which looks modern for less than $300? Yes, it cost you no more than $300 in lumber! Instead of spending much to buy a new king bed, you can save your cash for more important stuff. Let’s get ready!


  • One ¾”x4’x8” Hard Plywood
  • Thirteen 1x2x8
  • One 1x3x8
  • Seven 1x4x8
  • Eight 1x10x8
  • Nine 2x4x8
  • Two 2x6x8
  • Three 2x2x8
  • Two ¼”x¾”x81” Screen Moulding
  • One ¼” Pocket Hole Screws
  • Two ½” Pocket Hole Screws
  • Two ½” Wood Screws
  • 2” Wood Screws
  • 1 ¼” Brad Nails
  • 2” Brad Nails
  • Wood Glue


  • Rip the rounded edges off of all of the 2x boards.

  • Laminate the boards and sand all of the sides.

  • Build the headboard:
  • Cut the headboard planks. Drill pocket holes. Attach the planks.
  • Cut the supports. Drill pocket holes on the ends. Attach one support to each end.
  • Attach the third support on the center of the headboard. Attach the laminated sides to the headboard.
  • Trim the top pieces. Attach them.
  • Attach one foot pad to the center of each headboard leg.
  • Add the trim to the foot pad.
  • Attach the top cap.

  • Build the footboard:
  • Cut the footboard plywood piece. Drill pocket-holes on each side.
  • Attach the two laminated side pieces on the plywood.
  • Cut the footboard support. Drill pocket holes on each end. Attach it to the laminated side pieces. Secure the support.
  • Flip the footboard. Cut the bottom trim piece and attach it.
  • Trim the foot pieces. Attach them.
  • Trim the base of the footboard. Attach them.
  • Flip the footboard to attach the cap.

  • For the side rail:
  • Drill pocket holes on both
  • Flip the side rails, cut the top and bottom trim pieces. Attach them.
  • Cut the side trim pieces to size and attach them.
  • Cut the side rail cleats. Drill pocket holes on each end. Attach it to the back of the side rail.
  • Cut and attach the screen moulding.

  • Stain all pieces. Let it sit for five minutes. Wipe with a clean cloth. Let them dry.

  • Attach the side rail to the headboard.

  • Attach the side rails to the footboard.

  • Cut the slats to size and lay them out evenly across the cleats.

  • Center the support on the slat.

  • Attach each slat to the cleats.

There a quite a lot of steps in this long process. Yet, you will enjoy building your own rustic king bed! In addition, you can save a large sum of money by building it yourself. Just place the bed in the room and you will get a great satisfaction!


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