DIY Rustic Wood Tray


Do you love drinking coffee and tea every morning? If you do, why don’t you make a special coffee station in your home? This rustic wood tray will make your counter stay neat. It is also large enough to contain your coffee supplies and coffee maker. It is also easy to make!


  • 8 foot 3×1’s
  • You can use any board you want; you can also use pallet wood! In this example, we made our tray 28″x16″. Just make sure they are strong enough to contain all of your coffee supplies.



The first thing you should do is to measure and cut down six boards for the bottom of the tray. You may use the same dimension we used or you can easily adjust the size according to your need and taste. Next, you need to line the six boards up. After that, to make the tray long sides, two of them, measure and cut two pieces of board to the same size. You also need to cut two more boards. The last two boards will be the tray short sides.


After you have finished cutting all the boards, line them up! Then, you should screw all of the sides together. You also need to screw both bottom boards right down to all the side boards. While doing this, make sure you use 1 1/4 inch screws so that they would not pop through and be exposed.


After all the boards have been screwed, flip the wood tray over and give it a few layer of white paint. Then, you should wax the wood tray using a mixture of clear and dark wax to create a worn and rustic look. You may play around with the color on a scrap board first before painting all the surfaces of the wood tray. Do not hesitate to use other colors as well. Wait until the wax has completely dried before proceeding to the next step.


After the wax has dried, the last thing you should do is to add drawer pulls for handles. We need them on both sides. That’s all! Your project is complete!

Put you’re the tray on the counter and place your coffee maker and coffee supplies on them! Look how the wood tray you build make your kitchen more amazing with its rustic look. You do not need to spend much cash for buying one. Just follow these simple DIY tips and voila!


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