How to Make a Sliding Door Bathroom Cabinet


Do you want to make your bathroom look better than other ordinary ones? Then, put this cabinet in your bathroom. Don’t buy one because you will not find it in any shop. Build it yourself instead. The shelf will show the good décors and hide ugly stuff from visitors!


  • Three of 1”x10”x8’ pine board
  • Two of 1”x6”x8’ pine board
  • Three of 1”x4”x8’ pine board
  • Three of 1”x2”x8’ pine board
  • One of 1”x12”x8’ pine board
  • Two of 11/16”x11x16”x8’ cove moulding
  • One of ¼”x48”x48” plywood
  • 1-1/4” pocket screws
  • 1-¼” brad nails
  • ¾” bad nails
  • 3-½” torx wood screws
  • Wood glue
  • One sliding barn door kit
  • One optional decorative metal strapping for bottom of door


  • Cut the side, top and bottom pieces for the cabinet frame. Then, drill pocket holes into the top braces.

  • Attach the boards to the side pieces.

  • Attach the bottom brace, shelf, and bottom shelf using the same method you use for the top braces.

  • Build the front frame for the cabinet.

  • Attach the middle piece.

  • Attach horizontal pieces and assemble the face frame.

  • Attach the face frame to the cabinet using wood glue.

  • Secure it to the cabinet frame using a brad nailer.

  • To attach the top of the cabinet, use the pocket holes that you drill into the top braces.

  • Attach the backing board.

  • Measure and cut the trim. Make the first 45 degrees cut for one side.

  • Mark for the other side.

  • Change the miter cut arm’s position to the opposite 45. Mark the spot and make the second cut.

  • Invert the bathroom cabinet to attach the cove molding using the same method.

  • First, attach it to the front piece first and then do it on the sides. After that, to make the side cut, measure 45 degrees then cut it. Then, mark the next square cut.

  • Using your wood filler, fill the nail holes.

  • Paint it to give a great finishing! Paint it using a latex paint that has been matched to the trim paint.

  • Create the sliding door with Blue Stained Pine. Use pocket holes and pocket hole screws to assemble the door.

  • Use some construction screws to attach the hardware. It’s better to use the black one.

  • Use the cleat shown below to hang the cabinet.

Isn’t the sliding barn door bathroom cabinet wonderful? You will see how the furnishing immensely impacts the atmosphere in your bathroom. Both your family and visitors will not need to see the ugly stuff in the room, such as the toilet paper. Instead, You will enjoy a very cozy atmosphere.


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