DIY Tassel Wall Hangings


Buying a wall hanging can cost you much cash, especially if you have to buy some hangings. Just make your own wall hanging then. The black wall hanging is very simple to make and yet it is able to increase the beauty of your room. If you love the monochrome theme, it is an excellent choice!


  • wood beads
  • wood dowel (0.5″ diameter, 24″ in length)
  • bamboo skewers.
  • black acrylic paint
  • foam brush
  • hardcover notebook
  • washi tape
  • yarn
  • scissors
  • super glue


  • Fold the Washi tape on the skewer into the flag shape. Slid a bead on the washi tape so that it wouldn’t move. Do this seven times and paint every bead with the black paint using your foam brush.

  • Stick the skewers upright on a cup. To prevent them from moving, fill the cup with some wood beads. The beads will dry faster these way.

  • To make it easier in creating the tassels, use a notebook. Cut a piece of yarn, and hold it on the spine of the book. Then, wrap the yarn around the book about 30 times and cut the rest. Use the first piece of yarn to double knot the wrapped yarn. Then, cut the wrapped yarn on the other side of the book. Put the tassel on another piece of yarn. Double knot the tassel to form its head. Cut the excessive yarn to keep the tassel’s neat appearance.

  • Paint the dowel black using the same paint and foam brush. Tie each end of a piece of yarn on both ends of the dowel. Hang the dowel to make it easier for you to tie a piece of yarn on each end of the dowel. After that, double knot the yarn. Strengthen the knot with super glue.

  • Slide the bead into the yarn. To prevent the bead from falling, tie the knot three times below the bead. Tie the tassel to the yarn. Double knot the tassel and cut any excess off. Repeat the steps seven times. Make sure the spaces are even.

  • Add another tassel on each of the three middle yarn pieces. Double knot it, then cut any excess. Prevent the additional tassel from falling by tying a piece of yarn on the tassel’s bottom head.

What do you think? It’s beautiful, isn’t it? If you have a white wall, the wall hanging will stand out by creating a stunning contrast. Your wall won’t look boring anymore. It only takes a little time and money to make this décor. Yet, look at the result!


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