DIY Toddler Bed


You know that a toddler bed must be very solid. Your son and daughter will often play on it. If your children love to play horseplay or bounce on the bed, you have to make sure the bed can sustain the weight. Furthermore, you will spend much cash to buy one. The solution is to build the toddler bed yourself!


  • One 7/16″ 4 feet by 8 feet OSB sheathing: It is for the platform base
  • Two 2×4″ 8 feet long pieces of lumber: It is for the supports
  • Two 1×8″ 8 feet long pine or poplar lumber: It is for the frame
  • One tube white caulk
  • One small Tub DAP spackle
  • One Box 2 1/2 in screws
  • Eight 3/4″ screws: Use them for L bracket
  • Four L brackets having two holes on both sides
  • Stain or Paint


  1. Frame
  • Using a miter saw, cut the pine or poplar boards based on the desired bed’s length. Repeat it; adjust it with the desired width. Remember to add the 45 degrees miter joint.
  • Arrange the boards and assemble them.
  • Screw the L brackets in order to support the bottom. Do this inside the frame near the bottom.

  1. Supports
  • Cut the lumber to create 5 supports. Adjust the length according to the frame.
  • Using a pencil, mark the inside of the frame’s four edges. They are going to become the top brace. Place the one support to its positions and attach it using screws. Adjust the miter joint first before doing this so the frame will be connected neatly.
  • Divide the rest space between each support. Place the next supports to their positions. Attach the supports using screws from the outside of the bed’s frame.

  1. Platform Base
  • Use a jigsaw to cut the sheathing according to the size of the frame.
  • Put the platform base on the top of the frame and secure it to the supports.

  1. Finish
  • Fill the gap between the frame and platform base using caulk. Repeat for the miter cuts.
  • Hide the holes from screwing using spackling compound. Wait until it dries.
  • Sand the spackle to flush it.
  • Wipe all surfaces using a damp Dry it. Prime the bed. Dry it again. Paint or stain it. Let it dry.

Building a toddler bed is not very difficult, right? Well, it can take a long time, especially in the painting process. However, it is very fun to do! Besides saving your income for more important stuff, you can build the toddler bed with your family. Thus, you can increase your children’s the sense of responsibility too!


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