DIY Wall Clock Home Decor


Clock is an inseparable part of home decoration. One could always use the digital clock, but most people still prefer the analog clock. It is also an excellent item for house decoration. Previously, you might just glance at the wall, but if you could build your own the pretty decoration, the proud would be doubled.

The Materials

Before you start the crafting project, visit the nearest material shop. There are a few things you should prepare.

  1. Used Vintage Paper

Some companies still hand free pretty vintage calendar, and it would be a waste to throw it away. Pick your favorite page to be the brand new item.

  1. Cardboard

The thickness is up to your preference, but it is better to have the thin one. Purchase the raw cardboard and cut it yourself. If you don’t have the time, picking the ready to use circular board is also convenient.

  1. Clock Mechanism

It is the most important part of the clock. You can grab it from the clock repair shop. The old machine from the broken clock will also do.

  1. Painting Tools

You will also need several more items before actually making the craft. Grab any acrylic paints color you like, acrylic varnish, decoupage glue, and printed numbers. It would be better if the numbers are printed using a laser jet.

Making Steps

  • Create a hole in the middle of the board. For the size reference, you should take a look at the clock machine.

  • Squeeze out a little bit the acrylic tube and put the paste on a plate or any palate you have. Pour some drops of water if you must, then paint the cardboard. Any color would do, but greyish tone would be the best color. It allows the color of retro images stands out.

  • Cut the image nicely. Avoid using the square shaped picture. Cut the icon only and put it in the middle of the cardboard. Apply decoupage carefully; make sure there is no bubble under the paper. If it happens, the picture won’t transfer to the wood. Don’t forget to arrange the position of the picture. Make sure the hole for machine is not in the way.

  • While waiting for decoupage to dry, kill the time by preparing the numbers. Using scissors for curvy font would make the job easier. Cutter would not be a smart choice.

  • Repeat the decoupage layering process for the numbers. Avoid using the big brush! It will spill too much decoupage in the end. Allow to dry for several minutes. Lightly brush the surface of the cardboard with your hand. There should be no bubbles on it.

When you are sure that the cardboard is ready, next thing to do is to spray it with acrylic varnish. Don’t skip this process. Otherwise, you will get dull colored clock. The dust and moisture will ruin your masterpiece within the short period.

  • The last stage of this DIY process is inserting clock mechanism to the frame. Glance to your phone and set the time. Voila! You just make your own wall clock. Probably soon you will make the second one.


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