DIY Wood Box Centerpiece


Are you tired of the usual centerpiece and wants to give your room a cozy atmosphere? Well, you are going to find an interesting idea. This wood box centerpiece will not clutter your table. Instead, it will give a cozy vibe to the room. Plus, you can decorate the centerpiece with seasonal flowers as well!

Materials and Tools

  • 2 pieces of 1×6 boards, cut them to 7 inches piece
  • 3 pieces of 1 x 6 boards, cut them to 22.5 inches piece
  • Tape measure
  • Kreg Jig
  • Circular and/or mitter saw
  • 1 piece of Kreg Jig Screws, the 1/4″ ones
  • Drill
  • Palm sander
  • Two drawer pulls
  • Stain or paint according to your taste
  • Note that with these materials, your box will be 2 inches long and 7 inches wide.


  • First, measure and cut the entire 1 x 6 boards. Next, make several pocket holes using the drill. The short sides will made of the top two pieces, the two pieces that have pocket holes on each corner will be the long sides, and the box bottom will be made of the box

  • Using the 1 ¼ inches screw, attach both the long sides and short sides.

  • Inside the box, place the bottom piece. Then, secure it with some screws. When you are done, you can drill to make everything stays flush and animate the bottom. Next, you need to sand down the entire edges to make them smooth. Remember to wipe the box so any dust is well removed.

  • The box has been built. Now, you can kind of finish you love to the centerpiece. In this example, we want to make rather chippy of white finish on the top, yet revealing a darker shade on the underneath wood. Thus, we apply Minwax Dark Walnut, a layer is enough. After that, add one more Old White layer using the Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint.

  • Distress the box. Use a scraper/putty knife to create a chippy and rough look on the centerpiece. Run the scraper on the entire surface of the edges, it will expose the underneath dark wood and the chalk paint. You can either make a very straight and clean edge or create rough and jagged lines. Then, make it look worn by adding some scratches on the box sides.

  • After the distressing is satisfying enough, your each short side will need a drawer pull. Add the pull and tada!

It’s very easy, isn’t it? You can make various modification on the box and it will still look beautiful! You cannot make any mistake. Put it on the table and decorate it with some flowers on mason jars, acorns, or any other decoration which suits the season. It gives you endless possibilities!


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