Easter and Spring Decoration Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss


With the weather is getting warmer and spring is here, we have a lot of excitement to welcome. Expressing this excitement through house décor is never a bad idea. Actually, many DIY projects allow you to elevate the house atmosphere with several small projects. Check out the following ideas.

  • Jelly Bean Tree

This is a perfect focal point for the dining table or your entryway counter up front. The use of these painted twigs represent how things are ready to start with the snow is away now. Plus, the kids will like it. You only need to put the jelly bean on each of the twig ends you can find. The colorful detail and natural finish giving your room a lively atmosphere in an instant.

  • Decorated Flower Pots

As this is spring already, let’s take those blooms inside the house. Of course they will need some pots and we need to refinish the pots for the sake of the look. Use wax glue and any fabric or gift paper you have to cover the pots. Don’t worry about color combination. They will look good anyway. If you prefer over the counter pots, work with your succulent pots and try different finish for each pot for more vibrant feeling.

  • Easter Garland

Let’s add something for the fireplace area. Instead of adding too much stuffs on the area, we should consider making simple garland like this. You can replace the Easter Bunny shapes with eggs shape or flowers if you want to. However, this garland is too cute. Look at those little furs representing the tails of the bunnies. Playing with colors will make it a priceless décor while it is actually very easy to make and to hang.

  • Robin’s Eggs Nest

This décor is perfect just as it is especially to welcome the Easter. Basically, you only need to make the nest with rattan baskets and leaves decal inside it. Then, lay down several of those painted eggs in the nest. It doesn’t have to be real eggs. Use the plastic ones instead. Make several nests and lay them out on several spots of the house. It is small but it delivers a bold atmosphere of Easter excitement. If you paint the eggs with great colors, it looks even priceless.

Don’t welcome the season with average excitement. Make these decors and elevate the atmosphere of your house. They aren’t hard to make while they are cheap too. Make them now.


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