Easy and Cheap DIY Projects to Make a Better Home


Making a home a better place often takes a lot of money too. However, DIY projects today offer you with more than enough options for better values. You can make premium looking things without spending more than you need to. These projects aren’t just easy to make. They are cheap as well.

  1. Plastic Spoon Lamp

This premium looking lamp is made of plastic bottle as the bone, and plastic spoon heads for the cover. It creates amazing looking illumination during the night, giving your room a mood and atmosphere. You only need to add the light bulb, and LED is a perfect match. Now one will know if it is cheap made. They’ll only love it.

  1. Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

This will require some embellishment and you need to buy the mirror, but take a look at the wall art. No one will know it is made of toilet paper roll without touching it. It looks dazzling with the embellishment, while it is fully functional as well as a mirror frame. It will be a valuable decoration item in your entryway.

  1. Cork Bath Math

It looks extremely stylish in a bright bath with a little rustic touch in it. It is functional while it is decorative as well. It looks expensive and premium, while you actually need corks on shelf liner attached with hot glue only. It is easy and fast to make and the materials are relatively cheap. It looks like a designer piece though.

  1. Invisible Bookshelf

If you have many books but limited space, this is your chance to shine. You only need to attach the right “brackets” for the books pile to create it. It doesn’t require special skill to make it. Make sure to provide consistent space and layout design on your wall so it looks amazing while it remains functional.

  1. Lace Lamps

This lamp is very decorative and unique at the same time. It allows you to get the best illumination while it adds the look of your room as well. All you need is a balloon for the shape, remaining lace fabric you have, and glue to keep the shape. It is fast to make and it looks entirely stunning, especially during the night.

As you can see, you can upgrade a lot with budget. Those projects are cheap and easy, and even if you are a new DIY-er, you won’t find difficulty in making this. Try them and improve your home.


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