Easy DIY Headboard Ideas You Should Try


The headboard is often the focal point of the bedroom, where the décor around it is adjusted to it. However, it often happens that the décor is awesome while the headboard needs some upgrades. Buying cheap and default headboard never works well for the décor, but the following DIY headboards will be great alternatives.

  • Fabric Headboard

The idea is to cover the headboard with any fabric you find great for it. This idea is great as it basically uses the original headboard structure as the platform. You’ll need to cushion the inside of the headboard to make sure the fabric is firm and even. Even though it is easy and cheap to do, it offers premium look.

  • Barnwood Headboard

If you are a fan of rustic decoration, this is the best headboard you should make. It only uses the barnwood as the main materials. It requires neat and firm nailing job on it, and you bed will be transformed into a stylish piece. The wood doesn’t need to look good, but it needs to be waxed for longer use.

  • Tufted Headboard

This is a popular option everywhere but it is pricey as well. You can actually save a lot by making it yourself. It requires some upholstery works on the wooden headboard, and it can take sometimes to finish. However, you can have it customized even making it like a designer piece. It is worth the entire effort.

  • Vintage Window Frame Headboard

The use of vintage window frame for this headboard is genius. The material is really cheap and it is easy to find as well. You can give it a refinish layer if you expect particular color, but the most important thing is to wax it, giving it long term protection. Arrange the window frames as you want it, and you have whimsical accent in your bedroom.

  • Rustic Wooden Headboard with Lights

This headboard is probably one of the most on demand today. It uses reclaimed wood which is cheap and easy to get. Applying enough wax will allow it to serve for years to come. Enrich the headboard with vintage lights for more romantic touch.

Why do you have to stay with the same boring headboard if you can make a new one by yourself? These ideas are great and they are worth to try. They are far more affordable than buying, and they look expensive too. Choose one to try.


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