Easy DIY Mirror from Driftwood


Making your own stuff is so much fun, you can let your imagination free and you can use the stuff for yourself or you can even sell it. If you want to make something easy, making mirror from driftwood can be tried. Moreover, this DIY is very simple to make and the materials are easy to find.

Tools and Materials:

  • Round Mirror with frame or add wreath
  • Driftwoods
  • Strong glue
  • Rope
  • Metal picture hanger

The Making Steps:

  • If you just have the mirror, you need to buy the wreath with the same size as the mirror. Then, glue the rope around the wreath. Bear in mind that you cannot use glue gun since it is not strong enough to hold the driftwoods and the mirror itself, and you are recommended to use gorilla glue.

  • Attach the mirror to the back of the wreath using glue, and then let it dry for more or less three hours. You can place several books above it to make it sealed properly.

  • Arrange the driftwood on the frame before gluing them. Make sure you do not have empty space on it.

  • Glue the driftwoods one by one to the frame by gluing both the frame and the driftwood. Make sure they are glued properly to the frame.

  • Keep gluing until all woods are glued.

  • If you have glued them until the frame is full of driftwood, then the first layer is done. Before going to the next step, make sure that the glue has been dried perfectly.

  • Then the next thing to do is to fill the second layer of the driftwood. Again, glue both driftwoods and make sure the driftwoods are perfectly glued so it will not fall if you hang the mirror.

  • Add the rope to the mirror to make a better finish. You can add the rope once or two times, and you need to glue both mirror and the rope.

  • To hang it on the wall, add metal picture hanger to the back of the mirror. You can glue it down, or you can screw the metal picture hanger. Remember that you need to be careful not to break the mirror.

  • For the last touch, you can paint the woods using varnish to make the driftwoods shiny.

Making this driftwood mirror is pretty easy, but you need to be very patient since you need to wait for the glue to dry. Other than that, this DIY is worth trying and you can place this mirror as a decoration.


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