Easy DIY Platform Bed You Must Make


Upgrading your bedroom doesn’t always have to be by purchasing a new bed. It looks nice of course, but it can be a big investment as well. Instead of buying a new one, a little wood working will do. It offers the same function with cheaper budget, and decent look if you do it right. Check out the following ideas for inspiration.

  1. Rustic Platform Bed

Working out with some wooden panels and give it a natural finishing creates the best look. This platform bed may need patient and full attention to small details, but the plan and structure are pretty simple. It doesn’t take an expert to make this one yet it looks like a new purchased platform. It’s simply stylish.

  1. Platform Bed with Storage and Baskets

In a house, there is never enough storage, and this project is very inviting. Creating storage space on the side of the bed platform is a genius way to keep more things without eating additional space. To make it even more decorative, you should consider adding baskets or wire baskets to keep things neatly.

  1. Platform Bed with Hanging Nightstand

This can be an ordinary bed platform once, but it is a different and unique item now. Instead of paired with a couple of nightstands, this platforms incorporate the nightstands on the side, making it floating like. It saves some space while it looks extraordinary. This addition will change your bedroom focal point into something nice.

  1. Platform, Storage, and Stairs

This platform gives the bed a little luxury by being elevated. You need to climb those stairs to get to the bed, giving it a special section in the room. Meanwhile, the platform offers more than enough height and width for additional hidden storage to keep the room neat and tidy. Choose this plan for a different atmosphere in your bedroom.

  1. Baby Girl Bed Platform

The best thing about this platform is its Japanese style, in which your little girl doesn’t have to climb high to get to her bed. It makes even safer option as well for active baby. The white finish here is simple yet stylish at the same time, giving the room a bright nuance while it is easy to match it with other tones.

As you can see, those ideas are not that hard to try. It takes a lot of effort for beginner, yes, but it is worth the try especially when budget needs to be addressed. So, which one do you want to start with?


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