Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank!


Decorating the kitchen is a pleasant thing to do as it makes the room even more inviting and warm while it may have specific function as well. If you are on budget, the following décor ideas should sort it out. See if you find the right idea for your kitchen.

  • Dry Menu Board

This is a menu board you should consider to have. It looks like an actual chalk board but it won’t give you dust as you will have on real chalk board. It gives you dry finish and keeps the kitchen clean. Play with colors for livelier atmosphere. It tells your family on today’s menu and your kids will be excited too.

  • Black Metal Wall Mounted Basket

The black metal is a flexible option for your kitchen. However, it makes the best match for a modern decoration. If you match it with colorful fruits to store, it makes a beautiful décor on the kitchen. In alternative, you can use it for mail sorter, or storage for condiments. It is cheap and you can refinish the basket yourself.

  • Monochrome Wine Crock Holder

This monochrome letter alone is already a great style statement for your kitchen. Meanwhile, this is actually a wine crock holder. The more crock you add, the better this décor looks. You can use black for a more modern look but it is also possible to refinish the monochrome letter on other paint color for other style.

  • Airtight Lids Canister

This canister set is already functional as it is. You can store many things in those canisters while if you store different kinds of things, it will look decorative. Place the set on a strategic place so you can reach it easier while it looks like a display on its own. You can store colorful candies in it for your kids while adding colors in the kitchen.

  • DIY Light Up Café Sign

Instead of leaving the wall vacant, it will be great to have a wall décor in it. This café sign is a great alternative, offering warm atmosphere while being logical to hang in the kitchen. You can do it yourself, and put a decent frame on it. It is simple while it instantly changes the style of your kitchen.

So there are many small things that actually can be used as décor in your kitchen. It doesn’t have to be something sophisticated. Even DIY stuffs will be great addition to your kitchen. Which one do you like best?


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