Fantastic Closet Storage Hacks You’ve Never Thought of


Organizing the storage is a constant battleground. There are always stuffs that don’t belong anywhere in the shelf and they clutter everywhere. This isn’t an ideal situation for a closet. It will be easier to spot and find something when the storage is neat. You need some help? These storage hacks will blow your mind.

  1. Silverware Trays for Jewelries

This is a brilliant idea. The small sections make it easier for you to group your jewelries. Add nails or pins on the sections to hang the jewelries, and attach the trays on the wall vertically to accommodate your necklace. Repaint it with any color you like to make it a cute décor as well.

  1. Towel Bar for the Scarves

Storing your scarves is always challenging. We need it to be displayed while we choose yet it tends to clutter as well. Install a few rows of towel bars in your closet and hand your scarves there. It is easier to spot them while it is a neat solution as well for the closet.

  1. Drawer Pull Hanger

At the bottom of the of your shelf, attach a drawer pull for extra hanger. Instead of attaching it horizontally, you can try vertically so you have shop-like hanger. It gives you extra storage for the sweaters and shirts, and it will be practical to prepare and hang one you are going to wear today.

  1. Paper Towel and Magazine Holder for Small Things

Several paper towel holders on one of your shelves will be more than enough to store your belt and bracelets. It will be neat and tidy while it will be easier for you to choose one to wear. Meanwhile, the magazine holder is the perfect way to keep your clutches and other small and flat stuffs. Keep the clutters away.

  1. Hanging Tags for Outfit Plan

If you always plan what you wear, these tags will help you to prepare the whole week outfits. Simply hang your outfits behind each tag for each day, and you don’t have to try to find a place to hang them every day. It is practical, faster, and easier to do. No more additional space is required.

As you can see, there are more things you can try to keep the closet neat and tidy. It is essential for you to be able to find stuffs faster and easier. Try those ideas above and see how it improves your closet and productivity in an instant. Happy trying!


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