A rustic vibe is special because it offers a kind of warmth to our room. Also, the presence of rustic furniture can enhance the beauty of the room. How about a rustic floor mirror? Find out in the following crafting ideas showing how gorgeous a rustic floor mirror made from a reclaimed wood is.

  • Picket for Your Floor Mirror

Here we go with the first idea. The full length floor mirror as depicted in the picture was a handmade craft made from reclaimed and old fence pickets. To make it, you need to make sure the angle of the corners of the mirror is 30o verses the traditional angle of 90o. The mirror may look big but you can always adjust the size as needed. You can also make variation to the mirror by using whitewash finish, blackwash finish, grey finish, lagoon, pistachio, or just simply the natural one.

  • Barn Beams for Your Floor Mirror

Another material you can use to make a handmade rustic reclaimed wood floor mirror is the barn beams. Combining reclaimed barn beams, solid driftwood planks along with the detailed wooden features, this floor mirror is able to boost the warmth of any room in your home.

This kind of mirror has a 12-16 cm solid frame. You can make this mirror with the size of 175cmx96cm. When making it, don’t forget to add a finishing with wood sealant to make it easy to clean and to protect. After finishing it, you are ready to decorate your room with a floor mirror with its special character and rustic artistry.

  • Turquoise Touch for Your Floor Mirror

Floor Mirror usually comes with brown color that comes from the wood used to make it. Now, how about leaving that brown and change it into turquoise instead? This kind of mirror can be your signature piece.

This turquoise mirror comes with a top crown which has details of a rustic flower and nail heads. If you are interested in making it, here we have size guidance for you to make this floor mirror beautifully built. The height of it can go up to 75 inches, while the width can be up to 25 inches, and the depth can be up to 2.5 inches. To make it either smaller or bigger, you just need to follow the size comparison.

Making a floor mirror that can be a center of attention is actually not difficult, although you still need to allocate several days to weeks to finish it. In making it, you actually have two choices: playing with the materials (the type of the wood) or simply just the color of it.