Great Ways to Make Use of the Space behind the Couch for Extra Storage and Visual Depth


When we are done decorating and placing the couch, there is always a space left blank with nothing. Sometimes, it is just too narrow or we don’t know what to do about it. The following ideas are worth to try. They fill in the blanks and give you more benefit in some ways. Check this out.

  • Shelves Behind the Couch

Adding wall mounted shelves behind the couch is brilliant. It provides you with easy and fast access to your books while you are lounging on the couch. Meanwhile, it fills the wall naturally and it makes a perfect storage for decoration as well, transforming the room to a more valuable one.

  • Sofa Table for Narrow Space Behind the Couch

If you still have some space but it is very narrow, you probably need a sofa table. It will be best to get one that has the same height as the couch, or a little bit higher. It fills the empty space between the couch and the wall while offering function as well. Add table lamp, pile of books, and decoration item you want to display.

  • Desk as Sofa Table

If you have enough space to place a set of desk and chair, try this idea. The desk will be your alternative sofa table while it offer full function at the same time too. If you choose a decorative set, you will improve the room while you visually upgrade the look of the couch as well.

  • Bookcase Behind the Couch

If you don’t favor the big bookshelves, you should try this modest idea. A bookcase behind the couch still adds library feeling in your living room without being so much on it. Meanwhile, the top is a perfect place for your decoration display. It makes the back of your couch looks even more valuable and interesting.

  • Floating Shelves Decoration

The wall behind the couch is the right place to display your decoration. The floating shelves make a perfect base for the whole concept. You only need appropriate finish for the shelves and creative décor to add on it. It looks great naturally while it doesn’t only fill the blanks. It actually makes the focal point of the room.

There are more than enough things to try rather than leaving behind the couch space empty and vacant. Those ideas above don’t only complete the couch. It actually offers real function you can use every day. So try now, and see how it makes the changes.


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