Handmade Teak and Leather Hanging Clock


Tik tok tik tok, time is running. Whatever the form is, people needs clock to see the time. Some of creative people try to have unique wall clock. If you are thinking to renew your wall clock with a warm greet, you are in the right page. We will review about a stunning wall clock that is made by teak and leather. See the tutorial below and learn how to make it.

What You Need

  • Thrifted 12’Wood plate, you can choose anything you like; either wood or tray disc.
  • Pencil, we recommend not more than 2B
  • Clock Kit
  • AA Battery
  • Thrifted Men’s leather belt, we recommend large leather
  • Electric Drill
  • Measuring Tape
  • Gorilla Glue

The Making Steps

  • Measure and mark the centre line with the pencil. Pay attention on how you draw. It is important to make sure that you erase the lines carefully and decide the centre point correctly.
  • Drill the wood plate using your pencil as the sign. You can use electronic drill to do that.
  • It is time to set the clock kit. The first thing to do is to set the wood plate on top of battery part, thus the white protruding part suits into the drilled hole. The purpose is that to prick up on the face of the clock. Then set the metal washer on the protruding white mechanism. If it suits, you should screw on the nut to make it stronger. Set the clock hands onto the nut and accomplish it with the topper piece.

  • It is closely over. For your information, Gorilla Glue is good to apply when the surface is wet. Therefore, wet a towel and lubricate along the outer edge, precisely area for the clasp belt.

  • Apply the gorilla glue to the lower half perimeter outside of the plate. Arrange the belt position around the plate and glue it. Press tightly, we suggest to dry overnight for the best result.

  • Put the AA Battery to the clock mechanism on the back of the clock. Make sure that you place it correctly.
  • Hang on the wall and praise your work.

It sounds great doesn’t it? Having a teak clock wall will give you another joy feeling. You do not need to spend your money to buy it. You will have a feeling of proud to yourself when you succed to make it. We wait for your amazing clock version.


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