How to Build a Rustic Towel Ladder


If you think your bathroom is going boring, consider giving it new furniture. Don’t worry if you cannot afford a pricey one as you can always make one by yourself. Here we come with a DIY project about making a rustic towel ladder. You don’t need to buy any expensive paints or stains. Let other solutions do weathering process. Curious how to make it? Check this out!


  • 3 – 4 ft. pine dowel rods with a diameter of 1”
  • 2 – 8 ft. 2”x 3”pine studs
  • Sand paper
  • Wood glue
  • Very fine steel wool
  • Empty glass jar and lid
  • Black tea
  • Vinegar

The Steps:

  • Gather and or purchase all the materials you need. You will not spend more than $20 for all the supplies.

  • Before starting any other steps, make weathering solution 24 hours in advance. Take your glass jar and pour vinegar and then add a handful of very fine steel wool into it. Let the steel wool dissolve but not completely. Wait at least 24 hours before you apply the mixture to the wood.

  • Next, make the cuts. Take your dowel rods and cut them into 5 16”long rungs. Then, cut the 2 x 3” rods into 6 feet long.

  • Next, sand off any rough edges. In this step, you can either use an electric hand sander or the manual one (with your hand).

  • Then, mark some sides for holes. Start the marking by leaving a mark for the first hole at 2.5” from the bottom and at 13.5” apart from the centers. Ensure that every mark perfectly signs on both sides.

  • Now, drill ½” deep holes with the width of 1”. To help you know how deep you should go when drilling, you can place a piece of tape ½”up the drill. After drilling the holes, sad off some rough edges to get them smooth. Also, sand the edges of the rungs down to make sure they fit into the holes your drilled.

  • Then, place rungs inside the holes but don’t forget to fill up the one side of the holes with wood glue. Repeat the process to the other side of the rungs. Put some glue and insert the rungs into the holes.

  • Attach some clamps and let the glue dry for about two hours. Don’t forget to wipe some excess glue up.

  • Next, brew very strong tea to give your ladder coats. Tea releases tannins in the wood to help it oxidize from steel wool/vinegar combination. Brush your ladder with the strong tea and then let it dry before going on with the next step.

  • Finally, give your ladder with steel wool/vinegar solution. The solution will turn your wood darker once you give it a brush. Then, wait for around one hour to let the wood be completely weathered.


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