How to Build Your Own Pergola


Give your backyard a new pretty piece by constructing your own pergola! No need to buy because you can rely on the power of your DIY skill and of course on the tutorial below. Build your own pergola and save thousands bucks!


  • Sturdy wood
  • Support beams
  • Rafters
  • Weather-protective paint
  • White paint
  • Metal cores and foundations
  • Screws
  • Concrete

The Steps:

  • Decide the area at which you are building the pergola.

  • As there are various pergola styles, choose the one that suits your yard best. Check google for pergola design reference.

  • Purchase any necessary materials to build your pergola. The main material will be quality and sturdy woods. Choose the woods that will withstand weather and pressure.

  • Find out your pergola’s dimension by referring to the size of your backyard. As a reference, most of pergolas won’t go over 10 feet. After that, you can start the wood cutting, rafters, and support beams to the necessary length.

  • Make the shape of the rafters’ ends. You can make the ends flat, pointed, or curved. All depends on your preferences.

  • Give your woods one coat or two using weather-protective paint. Then, paint them in white or other colors of your choice.

  • If you are building the pergola on cement, keep the pergola stable by using metal foundations and cores. Meanwhile, if you are building it into the ground, dig holes about one foot or two deep.

  • To provide more support when you are sitting down on the pergola, cut the support beams’ notches across the tops. If you think that would be too complicated, simply screw or nail the rafters into the support beams’ top part.

  • Put your pergola up! To do it, begin with sticking every support beam in the metal brace or holes. Then, attach the beams between the support beams. Use a ladder for doing that.

  • Next, attach the rafters by placing each of it wherever you want. Then, secure the attachment with screw to keep them at their place.

  • Once you are done putting your pergola up, pour concrete mixture into each of the four holes that you already dig earlier.

  • After that, give your pergola some furnishing and decorate it.


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