How to Construct Your DIY Pallet Sofa


Are you looking for a project of constructing outdoor furniture? You are in the right place! A complete tutorial for your next DIY Project is here! It is all about making pallet sofa for your porch or other outdoor areas around your home. Not only is the project budget conscious, it is also crafty.


  • A mattress of your choice
  • Pallet wood
  • Pillows and the cases
  • Screws
  • Compound miter saw

The Steps:

  • To begin, find a mattress that you like the most. The mattress used here is in dark blue shade and with the size of 6” deep x 55” wide x 24” deep. One thing to remember when finding the soda is to find the deep one, the one deep enough to reach your inner knee, not only mid-thigh.

  • Next, this step is going to take lots of time as you need to find out the best measurement to suit the comfort you need when sitting on the sofa. You need to get the right measurement that fits the mattress’ size, thickness, and also height enabling you to sit down on it comfortably. Remember that you have to be able to sit comfortably on the finished furniture with your feet on the floor.

  • Next, get some pillows for your pallet sofa. Give your sofa two pillows as double will make the sofa cozier than single. Like shown in the picture, you can choose a pillow with memory foam for one of the pillows.

  • Get the right measurement for the two legs of the sofa. The legs will be the parts of the sofa frame. In here, the measurement of the legs is 55” wide.

  • Then, construct the frame. As you can see in the picture, the right measurement of the mattress’ thickness really matters for it sets the measurement for how low the sitting frame should be so your feet can touch the floor while sitting.

  • Equally important, the mattress’ thickness also determines the measurement of the arm height.

  • Next, cut the wood planks in 30” long x 5.5” wide size then install them into the frame by enabling a bit overhang along the frame front part. Then, screw the planks in.

  • Next, work on the back rest of the sitting area by attaching horizontal brace to the back rest. Cut the braces using compound miter saw to get perfect cuts.

  • Finally, arrange all the parts of the sofa together. Put the mattress on the wood frame. You can also give your mattress a case to suit certain theme color. Arrange the pillows in such a way you can feel cozy seating there. Add some decorative stuff too around your pallet soda.


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