How to Make a Gorgeous Macramé Wall Hanging


If you love DIY projects and want to create a wall hanging, this might be a good choice for you. The macramé curtain will be a nice touch on your wall. If you have a boring white wall, the wall hanging will make the room more colorful! You can also use it to decorate a wedding or any kind of parties.

Materials and Tools

  • Jersey fabric
  • Wooden dowel
  • Fabric scissors


  • Cut the jersey fabrics into thin strips. Make sure it’s about one inch in width and 10 feet long.

  • Fold one of the strips in half. Then, wrap its loop around the wooden dowel. Put the open ends into the loop and tighten the knot to keep it in place. Repeat the steps for other strips and make a space of one inch between every strip.

  • Create a space of one inch from the dowel to the row basic knots.

  • Create another space of a few inches from the row of basic knots to the square knots you’re going to make. After making the first square knot using the first four strips from the right. Pay attention to the picture to learn how to make one. Make another square knot right below the first one. Repeat the steps with the other sets of four strips.

  • Make a space of a few inches before creating another row of square knots. This time, you need to start from the third strips from the edge. After finish making the first square knot, make another one right below it. Continue the steps until only two strips are left.
  • Make another space of a few inches again before making the last row of square knots. In this step, you start from the first strips like in step Make the first square knot and double it under the first one. Repeat the steps with other strips.

  • Move a few inches below again and finish the curtain with either a row of basic knots or square knots. We used the basic ones. Cut the strips’ ends to make them all even. Thus, the shortest strip determines the length.

It’s very easy to make a macramé wall hanging. Instead of buying one, you can save your money by making it yourself. Choose the color according to your taste and decorate any room with this wall hanging. Experiment with the colors and see the colorful atmosphere the décor brings to the room!


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