How to Make a Pallet Wall (in One Weekend!)


Walls painted in certain colors are ordinary. The colors do contribute something to the design of the room but the painting stuff is just too commonly used. You need to try something different so that your room won’t be boring easily. Try this pallet wall! Go find plywood and attach them to your wall. The wall “paletting” is just as easy as the only one weekend time needed.


  • Sandpaper with 220 grit
  • Boards or plywood
  • Paint with dark colors, eg. Black
  • Liquid nails
  • Brad nailer

The Steps:

  • Collect all the boards for the pallet wall land then sand them all using 220-grit sandpaper. Make sure you remove all the rough edges and surface of the boards.

  • Before attaching the pallet boards to the wall, you need to paint the wall to which they are attached in black or other dark colors. Give the wall a single coat only. All the pallets that you are attaching to the wall will create some unevenness or gaps. The dark colors will help you fill the gaps.

  • What makes this DIY project simple is the number of materials needed which is just a few. Apart from the pallet woods, purchase some brad nailer and liquid nails. Apply the liquid from the ceiling all the way down. To get a natural look, randomly attach the boards to your walls and make some changes to the pattern.

  • All of your pallet boards won’t be in the same width. Therefore, if you happen to find any small strip at any side of the wall to which your boards are attached, rip down the boards to make them fit the wall perfectly.

  • Do some necessary cutting to the boards so that their width fit any edges of the wall. After you cover all the surface of the wall with the pallet boards, you can install some lamps there.

  • You may also need to do some cutting to the pallet boards to enable you to install some electric sockets. Also, you may need to screw some nails to the pallet board so you can hang any poster or other decorative items to the wall.

  • Once you are finished attaching all the pallet boards and make sure all the attachment work perfectly, start setting some furniture around the wall. Choose furniture that can get on well with the color of your pallet wall.


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