How to Make DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor


Mason jar is indeed a unique stuff that you can easily find anywhere. But, do you know that the jar can be used for a handcraft? You can even make a wall décor with it. Make your own decorative item for your lovely home with this DIY Mason Jar Wall Décor Project. Check the following tutorial to find out how to make one.


  • 2 Hose Clamps – Lowes Plumbing Section
  • 2 Small Mason Jars
  • Drill and screws

The steps:

  • Gather all the needed materials.

  • Cut the wood to the desired length using a table saw. Buffed the edges of the wood on the concrete to smooth rough edges. Then, stain the ends of the woods using walnut stain so that the the wood cut won’t be lighter than the rest of the wood.

  • Next, using drill, make a hole in the hose clamp and another hole in the wood to screw in the hose clamp.

  • After you are done making the holes, line them up and start drilling the hose clamp into the wood.

  • Then, tighten the hose clamp so that it can fit the Mason jar.

  • The next step is about giving another decoration inside the jar. While your jars are already lovely, you can add other decorative items in it to make it more beautiful. The Mason jar wall décor that you just made can hold candles, flowers, or anything that you want to be inside it.

  • Here is an example of putting a flower inside the jar. The color of the flower gets on well with the color of the wall, doesn’t it? That will be another tip in making this craft. For any item you put inside the jar, choose the color that will fit the wall to which you attach the jar wall décor.

  • You can give a candle a try. Grab some tea light candles and put them inside the jars.

  • You can also switch out the blue Mason jar to insert a new color. You can actually switch any color of the Mason jar as you want to. Isn’t that cool?

Mason jar comes with many choices of color, so does your jar wall décor craft. Your next project can be creating wall décor with different colors of the jars. This craft will surely be perfect for decorating the area around your bed or around your window.


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