How to Make DIY Outdoor Bars


Here comes an awesome DIY project for you who are bar goers! You no longer need to travel to your favorite bars as you can build your own bar. What is more, the bars is bringing outdoor concept, meaning that you can build your own outdoor bards. Summarized below is the guides of what materials to prepare and what steps to follow.


  • For foundation base: driveway gravel with the size of ½ yard
  • For rafters: 7 pieces of boards with the size of 2x4x9’
  • 11 pieces of fence posts with pressure treat with the size of 3½x3½x8’
  • 12 pieces of radius deck boards with pressure treat with the size of 1x6x8’
  • 21 boards with the size of 2x4x8’
  • 35 pieces of fence cedar fence boards with the size of 1/2x6x4’
  • 21 pieces of brackets with strong ties from Simpson with the size of 2×4 inch
  • 24 pieces of lag bolts with the size of 2×5/8 inch
  • >500 deck screws with the size ranging from 1 ¾ to 3 inches
  • 1 plywood G1S with the size of 2’x8’x1/2”
  • Decorative objects such as coconut shells, Tiki carvings and torches, lanterns, etc
  • Wood stain

The Steps:

  • To begin, decide the location of the bar. Then, excavate the floor base and fill the holes up with the 2-inch driveway gravel. Next, construct the 8×6 foot base by assembling the 4 pieces of fence posts.

  • Over the base, lay out the 12 pieces of pressure treated boards and secure them using 1 ¾” screws and by maintaining the ¼ inch between every board for expansion and drainage. Next, give the deck stain.

  • Next, assemble the walls by joining the back and the front wall frames with the fence posts and then by fastening them with lag bolts and brackets. Then, attach the back side of the bars’ wall to your house’s wall.

  • Next, design the tip. Let the corner braces remain visible as they add special touch to join the posts together because their weathered look supports the Tiki design of the bars.

  • Using 2 pieces of 2x4s, attach the beams of the back wall to the posts of the front wall. Secure them with lag bolts and brackets.

  • Next, work on the rafters by putting the seven 2x4x9’boards at the center by taking 16-inch gap. Attach the rafters to the back wall using metal hangers.

  • Make the frame of your bars by using the 2×4 for constructing the cupboards and counter space. Construct the counter in 42-inch height and give it support by attaching 42-inch vertical lengths by taking 32-inch distance for every attachment.

  • Construct the roof of the bar using the tin rooting taken form an old barn.

  • Next, using screws and cedar fence boards, side your bars’ structure.

  • Next, install, seal, and stain the 2’x8’x1/2” plywood for installing the countertop of the bars.

  • Give your bars a finishing touch by adding some articles such as fishnets, seashells, lanterns, blender, and others.


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