How to Make DIY Pallet End Table


Are you in search for new and unique furniture for your favorite spot around your home? You just got to the right place! Here we come with an idea of making DIY Pallet End Table. Not only is it unique, it is also cheap to make as the main material is pallet that you can even get it for free. Follow this following tutorial to make your own!


  • Pallets
  • Nail
  • Glue
  • Sand paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Saw or jig

The Steps:

  • First, find pallets. If don’t have it, you can just purchase them from a local market for a little amount of money. When looking for it, try to get the ones with the most usable woods. Besides, try to get the ones whose slats length is around 3 feet, thickness is around ½ to ¾ thick, and the width of the slat is around 2.5 – 6 inches.

  • Next, break the pallets apart. To cut the ends of it, use a circular saw or a jig. Also, don’t forget to pry the wood from the pallet’s center support and to remove any nails from the slats. From this deconstruction, you can get 8 to 14 boards from each pallet deconstructed. Then, before cutting the boards, decide which pieces to use so you can get the width you wish. You can still choose the long pieces with damage or cracks on one side as long as you are able to cut the crack or damage off and to have the usable pieces.

  • Make the drawing as shown in the picture below so that you can get the desired width. After that, cut the pieces off per drawings. Then, using sandpaper, remove any major staining or paint or rough spots. You can skip the sanding process though if you like the rough look on your table.

  • Prepare some nails and glue before starting to assemble frames. Once you get all the pieces you want, assemble two frames and secure them with nail and glue. Look at the picture below to see how it is supposed to be done.

  • Next, still using your nail and glue, attach horizontal slats to the frames.

  • Next, check the following image to see how to apply the glue and add the nails.

  • Then, do the final assembly. Again, see the following picture to see how to place the pieces and to assemble them.

  • Attach the legs of the tables as shown in the picture and secure them with glue and nails. Then, drill few holes to add the pins. Last, insert the pins into place and secure them by applying some glue. Your pallet end table is finished!


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