How to Make DIY Pallet Wood Rustic Coffee Table


Constructing your own furniture may seem to be a complicated thing and a big deal. Of course, particular furniture need detailed plans and certain skills, yet, this DIY pallet wood rustic coffee table is just something different that even a rookie in handcrafting can do it. Go get any unused pallet and start this project. Super easy but so satisfying!


  • Big pallets
  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Screw
  • Light and dark paint
  • Matte Polycrylic

The Steps:


To start the project, go find big pallets to make chunkier legs and wider planks. Then, dismantle your pallet and clean it using water and bleach. You won’t know precisely what has been done to the pallet so it’s better to make it clean and to make the look of it more desirable.


Talking about wood, you better not forget that it can shrink. So, to avoid the wood shrink, you can put your wood indoors first for about a week. After that, you can do the next process. Cut them into the size that you want. You can refer to the size of any existing coffee table at your home for the size or check the size of the spot at which you will place this table later on. After cutting it, sand it roughly. Then, join the legs and the sides. Try to make the screws on the inside so they won’t be visible and they will look tidy. Find any holes on the outside of the pallet and fill them.


Next, do some painting to the woods. Give it two layers, a dark and a light one. You can give the dark layer first then the light one or vice versa. As an example on how to do the painting, you can paint the legs dark and the tops dark and then light. Once the paint dries, give it another sanding until you are satisfied with the look.


Next, give a coat of matte Polycrylic to protect the look of the table. This coating is important especially when the table is going to be used by your kids. The coating can avoid the table of being dinged up. The coating is cheap though so you better do it to keep the good look of the wood last longer.

You can always modify any steps in a tutorial, including in this one. You may paint them in different color to suit the room in which they will be placed. One thing for sure, the steps to make the coffee table are simple and doable. Go make one!


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