How to Make Fishnet Wrapped Mason Jar Craft


Is beach your favorite get-away on vacation? Sometimes it feels sad when we really long for a beach for the vacation but we just cannot go there due to some reasons. To make the situation better off, you can make fishnet wrapped Mason jar craft to make your own beach vibe at home. Follow the tutorial below to make yours.


  • Blue Ball Heritage Mason Jar
  • Scissors
  • Sand and Sea Shells
  • Jute Twine

The steps:

  • To start making the craft, cut a piece of twine to wrap the top of mason jar. Make sure you add leave additional length to the twine cut to tie it off around the jar.

  • Then, cut 10 twines with the length of 32”. Fold them in half and make loop over the length that will be tied around the top of the mason jar.

  • Take two lengths of the folded twine and feed them through the loop.

  • Pull them tight to make a knot.

  • Repeat the process to get 10 knots.

  • Tie the twine with 10 knots to the top of the jar. See the following picture to check how it’s supposed to be done.

  • Start making the fishnet by knotting two lengths of twine together. Continue making the knots all the way around the first row of the fishnet.

  • Move on to the second row and now make a diamond shape by knotting two lengths of twine.

  • Loop them together.

  • Pull them tight.

  • Rinse the twine and repeat the process until you get the result as shown in the photo below.

  • To finish making the fishnet, cut the length of the twine a bit smaller than the size of the bottom of the jar.

  • Tie the bottom piece of the twine by grabbing two lengths of it until you see the result like shown in the picture below.

  • To make the result tidier, you can trim any excess of the twine with your scissors.

  • Take another twine and wrap it around the top of the jar. You are done!

Now, you no longer need to worry if you cannot go to any beach on your vacation. Place this fishnet wrapped mason jar at your favorite spot at home and make your own beach vibe. You may also try to use another color of jar to create something more colorful. Go make one!


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