How to Make Wire Basket Side Table


Do you often see wire basket when you are at a shop? Who says that the wire basket can only be used for your laundry or trash? You can turn it into something beautiful for the outdoor area of your house. The steps for making it is so simple that you can just finish them so quickly!


  • A basket that is tall and big enough to be like a laundry hamper or a trash can
  • Krylon ® Colormaxx


    in the shade of Sea Glass
  • Wood panel in a size of 18 inch
  • Minwax ® Express Color in the shade of Walnut
  • Minwax ® Polyacrylic clear coat
  • Cable staples

The Steps:

  • Before starting the project, make sure you already get all the supplies. For the basket, make sure you don’t purchase (and use) the small one. Choose the one that is tall and big enough to be a table. When you go to a yard shop, choose the one that is big enough to be a laundry hamper or a trash can.

  • After that, apply some coats to your basket. Spray your basket with the Krylon ® Colormaxx


    . The color of the coat in this example is tosca. However, you can always go with the color of your choice. One tip to choose the right color is to match it with the color of the other furniture or area at which the side table will be placed. After applying the coat, wait for the paint to dry.

  • Take a round wood panel with 18 inch in size. The size of the wood panel actually depends on the diameter of your basket. The size of the wood panel should be a bit larger than the diameter of the basket. Then, give the wood panel a stain with Minwax® Express color in the shade of walnut. Let it dry. After that, to secure the stain, seal the wood panel with a clear coat from Minwax® Polyacrylic.

  • Once the coats and the stains are dry, join the basket with the top using cable staples. Attach them in such a way that they are secured at their position and they look nice. Your side table is done now!

Your porch now has a new pretty addition. You can display your favorite flower in a vase on the table. Or, you can use the side table as a night stand too! If you happen to see another wire basket, don’t miss the chance of making a new lovely article for your home.


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