Ideas for Wood Pallet Recycling


Do you have some unused wood pallet in your house? Do you want to throw them away? Wait! You can recycle them to make some decoration for your house. Actually, it is pretty simple in repurposing the pallet wood. Moreover, the main tools used are not hard to find, such as drill, screws, and paint. You can also create your own design and you can make various things from it, from storage to table.

  • Pallet Shelf

The wood pallet can be used as a shelf and you just need to break it down into several small pieces. Then, you can make your own shelf out of it. You can make it into some kind of shelves, such as a shoes shelf, or as a book, or as bottle storage.

  • Beds and Playhouse for Pet

If you have some pets in your house, this wood pallet can be made into bed and playhouse for your pets. For the animal lovers, these beds and playhouse are essential, and instead of buying it in expensive prices, you can make it by yourself. You can make it like the actual house, or you can make it like the actual bed, or you can make some parts for the playhouse with some toys on it.

  • Garden Shed

If you have a backyard and you also have several tools for your garden, you can build this garden shed to store them. You can also use this garden shed to store some of your plants that are not really fond of sunlight or rain. This garden shed can be build using wood pallet and it will protect your gardening tools and plants from extreme weather.

  • Pallet Table

For those who like rustic theme, this pallet table will need to be considered. It is pretty easy to make this pallet table, since basically, you just need to arrange the woods and secure it using screws and drill. The interesting part of making this table is that you can make is based on your interest, and you can also paint it as you like.

  • Pallet Chest Box

If you are running out of storage, this wood pallet can help you out. You can make a chest box out of it. Moreover, you can decide the size of it, whether you want to make a big one or the small one, and you can also choose the type and the decoration of it.


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