Incredible DIY Rustic Home Décor Ideas


Rustic décor seems to be the trend today, and there are limitless possibilities for it. If you need some inspirations, you need to check out the following ideas. Most of them are surprisingly easy yet look great. They are mostly cheap but they look expensive at the same time.

  1. Hanging Lights

Unlike other hanging lights, this décor uses a wooden block, thick enough to deliver bold and strength at the same time. With careful selection on the wood, it will provide you with longevity as well. Add several conventional light bulbs on it without over finishing the wooden block. Adjust the block scale to the room size, and use LED bulbs for energy saving.

  1. Large and Round Centerpiece

Instead of leaving the wall space vacant, add this large and round wooden clock as your centerpiece. With wooden background board and a little mechanical work, you will have one of a kind clock you’ll love. It doesn’t have to be a clock if you hate the work. Being as it is, this centerpiece is already a valuable addition to your décor.

  1. A Glass of Sticks

These dry sticks can be transformed into the most attractive table décor no one ever think of before. Instead of leaving it to the natural look, you can refinish some of the sticks with natural looking veneer, and finish some other with any paint color matching to your interior. Put them in a jar, glass, or vase, and you have your table decorated appropriately.

  1. Crate Night Stand

Those wooden crates are valuable items that can be repurposed. Add appropriate refinishing to prevent its rough surface to hurt you, but keep the natural shade. Arrange two or three crates for a more elaborated design of the night stand, and pay attention to the setting so it offers you storage space at the same time too.

  1. Log Candle Holder

This is a popular idea already, especially on those edgy restaurants. Cutting the wooden log in half and flatten the base, you’re almost ready to place it on your dining table. Add several holes on the surface and you are good to go. Combine with rustic table cloth, and decorate with rattan balls and dry pines. Modern and romantic!

Those ideas above are simple yet they have massive effect on your interior décor. Choose décor items that complete your room and elevate its atmosphere instead of choosing randomly. Which one do you think is the best?


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