Laptops to Lullabies – Easy DIY Sofa Tables


Do you struggle with small space in your room? Are you having difficulty to arrange the furniture in your house? If the answers are yes, you need to make this easy DIY sofa tables since it does not consume many spaces in your room, and you can use to for every occasions.


  • 2×2 Wood
  • Drill
  • Board
  • Screw
  • Paint
  • Measurement
  • Marker

The Making Steps:


Cut the 2×2 wood into four 7 inches and four 9 inches. Bring the short woods together and the long woods together to make two wooden squares with different sizes. Make sure you measure the right, since if they are different, the woods will not fit. Then, use the drill and screw to secure the squares.


Measure the arm of your sofa with the measurement. Take for example it is 24 inches, and then cut two woods with the taller inches like 27 inches or taller. Attach the woods to the small squares and the bigger squares on the opposite side. Then, secure them together with the screw and drill.


Add details on the “leg” of your table to give fancy details. You can add the leftover of the wood, cut them into several smaller woods and place them among the “legs” of your sofa table or on the bottom side of the table. To be more secure, add 2×4 woods in every 45 degree of the table to prevent the table from swaying.


Cut the board into 9×9 inches and add the board to the top of the smaller squares. Or to make it different from others, you can stack the leftover woods to the top of the table to replace the board. Besides, you can also use cushion or glass to replace the board itself, as long as you can make it.


Paint it with your favorite color, and you can be creative in coloring it by using different kinds of color. Dry the paint first by placing it under the sunlight or you can use your hair dryer to be quick. Then, your DIY sofa table is ready to use.

Making this DIY sofa table is quite easy and simple. You can use any kinds of woods and you can be creative in creating it. One thing that you should pay attention is the length of the table; make sure you have measure it unless it will not fit with other parts or your sofa itself.


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