Mirror Decoration Ideas to Brighten Your Home


Mirror is an effective alternative to make spacious feeling while it also makes interactive and attractive décor as well. There are rounds and rectangular shapes that are very common. However, it doesn’t mean you have to settle with these shapes when it comes to decorating. Check out the following ideas.

  1. Tile Mirror Centerpiece for the Bedroom

The wall above the head bed is the perfect position for centerpiece. If you consider decorating the space with mirror, you should try tile mirrors. The shape can be anything in larger scale, but this flower pattern is magical. It reflects the room for more spacious feeling while the sophisticated pattern adds elegance in the room. It takes professional hands to set it up, yes, but it give the room an expensive look at the same time.

  1. Distressed Frames Standing Mirror

While hanging the mirror is great, stand it on the floor is actually on trend today. Instead of leaving fragile mirror laying on the floor, we can opt for wooden distressed frame for the mirror instead. It makes more solid stand for it while its appearance is extremely attractive and rustic. It adds the sophisticated look while it offers rustic touch as well.

  1. Mirror Wall

You can change an average dining room into an elegant and expensive looking room with these mirrors. Adopting unusual shapes, these mirrors make an elegant centerpiece while it reflects the room in the most pleasing way. More than just an addition to the interior, it actually adds value in the room and décor and combining the entire elements of the room. Wait until you lit the candles or turn on the lights. It will be spectacular.

  1. Large and Round Mirror with Simple Frame

The first time we look at this mirror, we can only like it. The scale alone is already charming, giving the room fresher and brighter feeling. At the same time, the design is clean, simple, and very ergonomic. It seems to adopt the minimalist style, giving the room modern yet rustic look at the same time. Without too much sophistication, this mirror makes a valuable décor in the room.

Mirror is always a welcomed item in any room. It is simply brilliant. It is functional while it always manages to add better atmosphere in the room for being a great décor item. Instead of staying with mainstream mirrors, you should consider the ideas above. Add elegance and expensive look in the room with the right selection of mirror décor.


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