Retro Nightstand Makeover Using Decoart Satin Enamels In Honey Gold


A bed without nightstand is like a Romeo without Juliet. It needs a complete situation. You need to put the lamp bed. Mostly, the homeowner use nightstand to put the lamp bed. You do not need to spend much money to buy luxury nightstand. You can makeover and make it into retro stand night. Of course, it does not need much money to make it happen.

What You Need to Makeover the Nightstand

  • Chip brushes, buy the multipack because you may need other size brushes
  • Zinsser Bulls Eye Primer, use the interior one.
  • DecoArt Satin Enamels paint in Honey Gold
  • Orbital Sander, you may use the electronic version.
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver

Making steps


The first and basic step is removing all the unnecessary or unwanted things from the table. The unnecessary things will distract the result. For your information, this step is boring even if there are many unwanted things on your table. Therefore, if you want the best result, you should do it. In this case, you should release all unnecessary staples, nails, scratch, etc. For the nails you can use hammer, for the staples, you can use screwdriver. You can see the example from the picture how to do it.


Sand down all area of the table. You can use your orbital sander. Pay attention that you sand all the rough spot. It is important to finish this step patiently and correctly. After this step is painting, so make sure that you do this job successfully, because it will give impact on the painting result.


Now, it is time for painting. We use DecoArt Satin Enamels paint to paint the table. For your information, DecoArt Satin Enamels does not need a primer if you paint over a sealed surface. Another important thing is that do not forget to paint the bottom part. Just in case that you have intention to take a break from painting, do not forget to roll up your paintbrush inside of plastic bag, because it will keep from getting dried.


The class is closely over. Then, you paint the night stand with Honey Gold. Do not hesitate to do bold colours on this occasion. Make sure that you paint all the night stand part.

We hope that those steps above give you inspiration and start to transform your old night stand in your home. You can do it on your weekend. Enjoy it


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