Rustic Décor Ideas for Modern Home


Rustic décor is in trend right now. Despite the fact that it refers to rusty and old looking things, it offers modern and clean look. From wedding to home décor, rustic has been a popular style until today. If you need some new and fresh ideas for adding rustic décor in your house, you need to see the following ideas.

  1. Rustic Headboard

If your bed has no head yet, this alternative is more than just functional. While it is bold and strong enough as headboard, the rustic look is stunning. It adds modern feeling in your bedroom while it also offers natural and original look at the same time. Work with several wood planks with consistent size and colors, and you are good.

  1. Blocks Shelf

Instead of using planks or other thinner wood options, a shelf made of wooden block is amazing. It is strong enough for heavy stuffs, while it is thick enough to fill the empty wall. The rustic color on the surface makes sure you get the modern and stylish look, while combination of greens and white stuff will look superb in this shelf.

  1. Wall Background

You don’t need to fill the entire surface of the wall. Instead, work on limited and vacant space and cover the wall with wooden planks for background. It changes plain room into more alive space, and it adds value to any set you have in the room. It works well as background for your entertainment console or photo frames display.

  1. Wooden Crates Cabinet

As you can see from the picture, you can combine several wooden crates and produce a new rustic cabinet everyone will love. The key is to add refinish on its surface for more appealing and consistent color. Arrange the crates horizontally and vertically, and add warm colored lighting for it. Add some decorations stuffs, and you have an amazing display in the room.

  1. House Number Plate

This idea is maybe simple, but if your house is decorated with rustic style, this plate should indicate it. Choose small planks with consistent size and scale. Choose thick enough planks for longevity. Combine plants green, white, and other modern colors like grey on it, and you have the most attractive and rustic house number plate.

So you can start with something simple and small, but rustic décor is always welcomed in a house even on large scale and sizes. So, which one d you want to start with?


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