Simple Original Modern Wooden Animal Desktop Ornaments


If you are wondering how to spend your day, you are in the right page. In this article, we will share ideas about simple original modern wooden owl desktop ornament handmade. These owls below will be best placed in your room, living room and it looks like real sitting owl if you look from a distance. You will realize that it is a wooden ornament after you see it closely.

  • The Looking Down Owl

This owl is cute and small yet it speaks louder than the size. It looks down as if it checks out on something. It makes a perfect decoration for your desktop. If you place it near to your stuffs in front of it, it as if it looks at your things. You can create a scene here. This owl has an expression that takes decoration to the next level. It looks alive!

  • Looks Like Siblings

These owls are awesomely cute. Being in different sizes, they look like siblings instead of anything else. If you prefer on bigger size, you have one. Meanwhile, the smaller owl makes a completion in this décor. Similar to the previous options, these owls are looking at your desktop. As if they are judging your work. It completes the décor while it makes it more alive as well. You need to get both.

  • The Owl Family

Now you have more drama in this ornament. Instead of featuring one or two owls, it features the whole family, well at least it is meant to be a family. It features the nest with eggs, which is the cutest part of this ornament. Meanwhile, the mommy and daddy owl are around guarding. Their almost flat expression only enlarges the cuteness. If you have more than enough space over the desktop, this will light up the space.

  • Turning Head Owl

This ornament is a cute little décor you need to consider as well. It looks as if it turns his head, looking at something. While the owl looks like standing on your desktop, the owl actually looks alive with his eyes. The rustic finish offers different shades on the owl, making it as if it has depth on it. The beady eyes though are very gorgeous.

There are more than enough options to satisfy your style. However, owl is a brilliant animal for this. It tends to have flat expression but it delivers thousands of meanings at the same time too. Get one now for your desk.


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