Simply Genius DIY Storage Solutions for a Neat Home


Storage is always on high demand in the house. It seems like there is always stuffs lying around, especially if the house is occupied by more than just a person or with kids. In times like this, additional storage is a solution. Check out the following DIY ideas and see how it helps your home.

  1. Under the Bed Rolling Storage

The idea is to provide more storage space without eating more space. Using the under the bed area is clever, while the rolling storage makes it easier to clean that area as well at the same time, not to mention it is easy to grab things. Use recycled wood or crates for this solution.

  1. Hanging Bins Out of Recycled Bottles

Do you have many plastic bottles from homecare products? Clean them and cut on certain pattern you like. Make sure to plan and cut a part for the hook to hang the storage. These tiny bins will be great in any part of the house, giving you more than enough space for clutters and stuffs, keeping your house neat.

  1. Milk Crate Ottoman

The milk crate is already a great and strong base for an ottoman. To make it fully functional, cover the crate with anything you like this rope to make it looks like an expensive ottoman. Then, add a cushioned top with nice fabric to match the rope. As long as you make fitting top, this will be a great and multi function furniture.

  1. Old Box and Sweater Storage

Don’t throw away those boxes, and don’t donate those old sweaters just yet. Work on the boxes and cover it with your sweater on the outside while the inside should get a decent thin fabric as well to match your sweater. Now you have a new storage box with cute look. It feels good as well to touch it, right?

  1. Under the Shelves Storage

Now this is an extremely clever idea. This area under a shelf is often forgotten while the space is adequate for a small storage. You should try to screw your jar lid to the shelf base to hang it. You save some space while it prevents you from accidentally breaking the jars. It is efficient while it is decorative as well at the same time.

So, don’t give up on your stuffs. Try those ideas above and see how it helps perfectly. More than that, you get a nice looking house as well with those good looks. Happy trying!


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