Summer Porch Decor Ideas to Inspire You This Season


Summer is the season when we spend most of the hours of the day outside, enjoying the weather and some cold drinks on the porch. The following ideas are great to try as they offer more inviting atmosphere on your porch, making the most of the space for your enjoyment.

  • Rustic Welcome Sign

This is a huge and tall sign to express how welcome you are to your guests. It makes a bold addition to your porch while the wooden material adds rustic feeling at the same time. You need almost nothing else but wooden block and paint for this sign. It is easy to make but it delivers strong summer feeling you want to have.

  • Summer Welcome Wreath

Still about welcoming the guests, this wreath is sweet and simple at the same time. The flowers need to be there for summer feeling, but they don’t need to be fresh flowers as well. The use of twigs, worn fabric, and matching ribbon only makes it perfect. This rustic wreath symbolizes summer and its beauty in an ideal way.

  • Rocking Chair Planter

This is a unique idea that uses old rocking chair and gives it a new life. Repainting it isn’t a must so you can wax it, in alternative, and keep the rustic look. Meanwhile, bright finish like this is typical summer style which is awesome to get. Add the plants and it becomes the most inviting and impacting piece on your décor.

  • Mason Jars Drinking Glasses

This functional item is actually a great decor piece at the same time. Mason jar is the perfect glass for your cool beverages during the summer. It looks perfect on the porch this season. For more decorative look, choose mason jars with bold colors like green, yellow, and blue.

  • Fun Planters

What can express summer more than blooming plants and fun? Let’s combine these factors and create a look like this. The planters can be made out of literally anything. Finish it with bold and vibrant color to make it looks more like summer and add real plants with blooms and flowers. It changes your dull porch into a summer corner you can’t miss.

You don’t necessarily have to change big to get the summer look. In fact, those small décor ideas above will give you the ultimate look effortlessly. Take some time to figure out what your porch need and start from there. Happy decorating!


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