Sunburst Mirror DIY – Cheap and Creative Wall Art with Wood Shims


This sunburst mirror is so in trend today, as it gives sophisticated look in a room. Do you know that DIY-ing this mirror is a smart way to save some money? Follow this guide to make it yourself.

Materials and Supplies

  • A few packs of wood shims
  • A mirror
  • Hot glue
  • 2 floral rings, one is smaller than the other
  • Champagne silver spray paint, you can choose your own color
  • Burnt umber paint

The Making Steps

  • Arrange the floral rings with the small one is on the inside. Make sure the entire edge has the same gap for consistent shaping. It is recommended to arrange the rings in a drawn pattern in case it shifts and you need to restore the original position. When you think the position is fixed and great, you can start add the wooden shims. Several projects will continue to stain the shims first before adding it into the ring. However, this project will stain the shims later.

  • Attach the shims on the rings. Use the inner circle of the smaller ring as the base of the shims. The bottom part of the shims should be aligned with the inner circle of the smaller ring. Follow the circle and arrange a layer of the shims. Then, attach the shims using the hot glue. Continue this technique for the next layers. You can stop anytime you like it but it is recommended to stop when it already covers the entire parts. Try to put the mirror on it and see if you still need to add shims here and there to create even surface.

  • Now, let’s put some color on the shims. Take the champagne silver spray paint or any other base color you want to use. Spray the paint until all surfaces are well covered. It will be tricky to treat the hidden spots. When you are done, leave it for a while to dry a little. Then, continue with the burnt umber paint. This time, mix the paint with a little water and apply it in thin layer for depth and old vintage look.

  • Now, we’re going to attach the mirror. Add a few pieces of remaining scrap woods for the mirror back. If the surface is already flat enough, you can skip this addition. Add mastic on several spots of the shims surface to attach the mirror. Attach the mirror and use tape if you need to keep it from shifting for a while. Remove the tape when it is ready and your mirror is ready.


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