Wall Decor Idea – Install a Paper Roll Holder to Create A Fun Place to Write Lists or Sketch Ideas


Have you heard about a paper roll holder? What about the giant paper roll holder? So, basically this kind of giant roll paper holder is invented by George and Willy. They invent this paper roll holder accidentally; they only find this idea when they make a roll of butcher’s paper.

  1. Decoration for All

The size of this paper roll holder is one of the characteristics that distinguish this product with another product. It can be placed in restaurants, cafes, offices and also home to be the stand out interior decoration.  Moreover, it can function as a menu board or it can be used to provide more information, or maybe you can use it to make the customers leave their impression for your cafes.

  1. Sturdy Space to Write

This paper roll holder is made from powder-coated aluminum that is strong enough to hold the giant roll of paper. You do not need to be worried since it is safe and sturdy. You just need to mount it on the wall using screws which is really easy to do, or if you are not sure about mounting it, do not worry since it comes with instructions that you can follow. It is also available in two colors, namely black and white, so you can choose which color you do like.

  1. Clean Rip

The paper roller holder is accompanied by a bottom strip aluminum that is placed at the bottom of the paper. This aluminum allows you to clear rip the paper and you can easily pull down the paper. Besides, this bracket comes differently based on the size of the paper roll you purchase, so you need to be very careful in choosing the correct size.

  1. Minimalist and Functional

This paper roll holder is designed in a minimalist and functional concept. It allows you to write all of things from creating the weekly grocery lists, writing specials at the cafes, or brainstorming ideas at offices. Moreover, if you have children, it will also provide a space for them to write, so that your children will not draw on the wall anymore. The last important thing is that it can also be used as a wrapping gift for your loved ones.

Buying this paper roll holder is very beneficial for your everyday use. The highlighted point is that you can write anything on it and you can also use it as a decoration for your room.


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