What You’ll Love about Suzani Retro Style Scarlet Pouf


If you are a fan of retro style, this Suzani retro style scarlet pouf will be the exact match for you. The pattern will bring you back to the 80s era when country styles were popular. The floral pattern was very dominant in bringing the retro style back since it imitates the style of the recent past.

  • Comfortable Seating

The important principle of this retro style scarlet pouf is that the form should follow the functions of the item. The shape of this pouf is very functional and it is also comfortable for seating. The round shape will ensure that you will not slide from it. Moreover, it is designed with steady legs to support you when you are sitting on it.

This Suzani pouf is covered with soft fabric that will make a comfortable seating. It is also made with comfortable cushion that will not hurt your bottom. You can use this pouf for your everyday activity from reading a book to having your morning coffee, and you can also use it for chilling with your friends.

  • Fun style

The retro style itself is accompanied with fun and lively atmosphere with bright color and various designs. The color choice between green, yellow, brown, white, black, orange, purple, pink, and red are very related to the retro style. The colorful cushion on this scarlet pouf and flowery pattern will bring the playful atmosphere to your room. This is also a means for expressing your creativity since the retro style is said that it is bolder in expressing itself.

The bohemian touch will bring the retro style back to your room. Moreover, you can choose between bright or neutral color based on the room theme. The idea of this pouf is to bring the cozy and cheering atmosphere and it is represented with the color of this pouf. Besides, the use of the pattern and color will avoid the formal and stiff atmosphere of your room. Placing this scarlet pouf will never go out of style since it is a combination between retro and modern element at once.

The use of this pouf in your room is to bring the nostalgic past. This retro scarlet pouf will also bring a comfort for a person who sits on it since it is made with comfortable cushion and soft fabric. Moreover, placing this scarlet pouf in your room will make liven up the room itself.


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